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Do miracles happen today? How does God change the lifes of individuals?
Many people have testified of things God has done in their lifes, you can find a lot of testimonies on the the following sites:

Website: Description:
  • The BreadSite
  • Huge resource of christian testimonies. Featuring deliverance from evil spirits, jesus healing sick, spiritual healing, deliverance from sexual addiction and other bondages, saving of relationships, and other beautiful things Jesus Christ has done.
  • CARM
  • Testimonies of poeple leaving cults, paganism, and more and coming to Christ.
  • Christian faith
  • Powerful evidence and encouragement for believers and non-Christians alike to seriously consider the Christian faith. Miracles happen, people testify by giving their miracle testimonies.

    If you have a testimony yourself, just send me an email and I will gladly add it to this site.
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